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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ash Wood Hangers

Ash has as main characteristics: creamy white color, although it can range to a beige color in black ash varieties. The fresh wood or the youngest wood at the outer edges of the tree, comes very clear white to pale yellow while the heartwood and the mature & old wood from the center of the tree, varies from light to medium browns. On the another hand its grain is very distinctive ‘cos come with wide spacing and brown streaks. Ash wood has high density and is very shock resistant, so the industry takes it as ideal substitute for oak not just for its appearance but for its workability.

In addition Ash wood takes all kids of stains not matter if those are oil or water based. After the painting process its grain looks great and likely the oak.

Hard and heavy enough to be used for baseball bats, it is also flexible enough for bending.

For some special and complex design we use Ash Wood for produce coat hangers thanks its bending properties.

If you’re looking for distinctive shaping and sturdy finishing visit our Site Wooden Hangers for more details.

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