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Monday, January 13, 2014

Laminated Wood Hangers

Produce Crafted Products from laminated wood is not just earth-friendly way for avoid waste wood. Laminated Wood is also the most versatile construction material.

Our company is very keen not just about keep ecological production process but also bring you a sturdy and functional Clothes Hangers.

So our workshops use an engineering process to join tiny layers together looking forward create a sturdy and shock resistant structure. The result is a perfectly shaped piece from where we can got several slices and then craft a laminated hangers.

If you as retailer or clothier choose this green option not just are protecting the planet’s environment but also helping to sustain local economies.

Our Laminated Hangers are made from several layers of high-class veneer and lacquered in refined quality. Therefore those will bring a sophisticated touch to your display area as well to your fashion collection.

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