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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Plastic Hangers From China

Taking note that the market ‘s requirements are growing day by day; we’d incorporate a new line of Plastic Clothes Hangers for satisfy the merchandising needs of many types of small business.

We knew that selecting the proper plastic hangers is the most important task for fashion boutiques and clothes outlets, thus among our assortment we offer you several models of Display Hangers such: Black Hangers, Crystal and Clear Hangers, Kids Hangers, Socks and Shoes Hangers.

For wholesalers and retailers we are offering a large variety of Tubular Hangers that might not just fulfill home’s needs but display needs too.

You as shop owner or distributer or clothier visiting our specialized Web Site will find that our line of Plastic Clothes Hangersmight cover not just merchandising needs but also includes the ideal hangers for laundry rooms and home’s storage.

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