Customized Hangers

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Satin & Velvet Padded Hangers

These cute hangers are hand-made and bring an elegant and soft surface; Padded Hangers may come with vast assortment of colors & finishes as well with many types of fabrics such satin, linen and velvet covers and we will be so happy to provide the proper Padded Hangers for your company or market.
Our company offers you versatile customization and there the choices for clips, brass nails, fabrics & bar attachments, measures, etc. are up to you; additionally will be easy attach not just printed but also embroidery logos to your hangers.
Contact us if you require further details or as well visit our specialized Website Padded Hangers you will found Bottom Hangers, Children’s Hangers, Lingerie and Top Hangers.

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