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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Special hangers

Belt and Tie Hangers

China Hangers offers you high quality Belt and Tie Wooden Hangers as complementary products for your Shop and Fashion Store; you as retailer owner know very well that:Belts, Scarfs, Scarves and Ties require special hangers that will keep those neat and organized.

These hangers will help to your customers saving space in closets and wardrobes as well protect their finest clothing accessories.

Please browse our selection of Belt & Tie Hangers below. Click on any link to see the full product details or to order.

Wooden Belt & Tie Hanger Model WTBH100
This belt & tie hanger brings you a simple and elegant way to keep your neck ties and belts organized and accessible. The hanger holds up to 16 Belts or Ties.
Length: 25.0 cm. Height: 13.0 cm.

Wooden Belt Hanger Model WTBH101
This belt hanger comes with black lacquered body, swivel hook and 8 sturdy metal clips that allow hold up to 8 belts, also the hanger can be used for holds other clothing accessories such: necklaces.
Length: 27.5 cm. Height: 15.5 cm.

Wooden Belt Hanger Mod WTBH102
This belt hanger offers you space-saving body, 12 chromed metal clips that allow you hold up to 12 belts conveniently. Its natural lacquered finish will combines with almost all closets and wardrobes.
Length: 42.0 cm. Height: 17.0 cm.

Wooden Tie Hanger
Model WTBH200
This tie hanger features space-saving body, natural finishing, swivel hook and is able to hold up to 20 ties in place. It has a real feel of quality and is often bought as a man’s gift.
Length: 20.0 cm. Height: 27.0 cm.

Wooden Tie Hanger
Model WTBH201
This tie hanger offers a space-saving way to keep up to 20 ties organized and accessible. Additionally protect and preserve the shape of your expensive clothing accessories for long time.
Length: 15.0 cm. Height: 30.0 cm.

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