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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wooden Clothes Hangers From China

For us is a big pleasure work with Timber Materials ‘cos those bring a huge ways for manufacturing Coat Hangers.

There we are not just talking about of the shape that each model can show but also the texture of the wood. So you are free for choose the row material that match with your expectations or with the desires of your customers.

Among the must popular you might select: Ash Wood, Beech Wood, Bamboo Wood, Hardwood, Laminated Wood, Lotus Wood, Maple Wood, Rubber-wood etc. But of course if you need other kind of row material we will follow strictly your instructions.

We offer you not just a large variety the styles and sizes of Wooden Hangers but also customization of each model towards satisfy your needs.

You well know that the today’s fashion trends change continuously, and then new designs of blouses, 2-pieces coordinated, dresses, jeans, shorts and suits require totally new Clothes Hangers as well. So when you need fulfill special characteristics you can count on us for design and manufacture the ideal hanger that your market requires.

All OEM orders are welcome and treated professionally.

For more information visit Wooden Hangers and/or email us with your commentaries.

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