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Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to Select the Best Type of Clothes Hanger for Laundry?

Clothes hangers are an essential inalmost every closet. Select the right type for your garments. 

Wire hangers are the least expensive type of hanger and are most often used by dry cleaners and professional laundries for that reason. They are also the least desirable hanger for your clothing. Wire hangers are flimsy and can collapse under the weight of garments. Their sharp shape will leave marks on the shoulders of clothing that can be difficult to remove.

Wire hangers should be used for the shortest time possible. Recycle hangers by offering them back to cleaners or contact your local recycling facility to see if they are accepted. You can also use them for craft time!


Tubular plastic hangers are inexpensive and suitable for lightweight garments. You can find them with notched shoulders that are appropriate for garments with thin or wide-set straps. An additional benefit of plastic is that it will not rust or discolor your garments. These hangers are not designed for heavy, woolen garments and will cause shoulder bumps due to their straight design. A few designs have plastic clips on the lower bar that can hold lightweight skirts or slacks.


Molded plastic hangers can be very lightweight, inexpensive hangers or they can be sturdy, well-shaped hangers for suits and coats. If you can easily snap off any part of the hanger, it is just for lightweight, temporary use. There are nicely made heavy plastic hangers with a wire hook that will last for many years. These have wide, rounded shoulders and will not cause hanger markers on clothing. Some styles offer bars for hanging slacks or clips to hang skirts.

Padded hangers offer wonderful treatment for lingerie, lightweight garments. Most often covered in satin or another smooth fabric, they prevent snags. Many padded hangers have buttons sewn on near the edges to prevent straps from slipping off. The design of the hangers is not suitable for heavy garments and will cause shoulder bumps. They are not designed to hold slacks or skirts.

Some padded hangers also act as sachets for the closet, frequently filled with lavender. You'll often find creatively hand-made padded hangers at craft fairs.

Wood hangers are ideal for suits, jackets and coats. They are sturdy and will hold their shape under the heaviest items. Wood hangers also offer better protection for clothing due to their design. The shape prevents clothes from being hung too closely together. By allowing air circulation and less abrasion between garments, your clothing will last longer. Wood hangers are often made of cherry, walnut or ash.

Wooden hangers come in several styles with and without bars for slacks and clips to hold skirts.

Cedar hangers are ideal if you love the aroma. Cedar helps repel moths and their larvae that can damage every type of fabric - not just wool. Unlike other wood hangers, cedar hangers are not varnished which allows the natural wood to absorb moisture helping to prevent mildew and mold and to deodorize your clothing. If cedar hangers start to lose their effectiveness over the years, simply rub lightly with fine grit sandpaper. They will be refreshed and smell just like new.

Whatever type of hanger you need or want for your closet, there are a multitude available. Your nursery can be adorned with pink, blue, yellow or green hangers. Doll clothes have specialty hangers and there are those in miniature for the dollhouse. Perhaps hangers sporting his favorite team logo will encourage hanging up clothes...

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