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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Metal Non Slip PVC Coated Hangers

Our Non Slip Hangers Collection includes a wide assorted that certainly will fulfill all your clothes hangers needs.

You will found that our Non-Slip Hangers are the perfect solution for hang rayon, satin and silk clothes securely on the hanger. The soft texture of the vinyl surface brings protection to your clothes against snagging at the same time helps maintain their shape.

Please browse our selection of Metal PVC Coated Hangers below. Click on any link to see the full product details or to order.

Metal Non Slip Coat Hanger Model MPVCC303
This coat hanger is intended for hold heavy and thick wool coats and jackets; the hanger’s ends comes perfectly rounded and coated with soft plastic for securely storage of the clothes.
Length: 42.0 cm. Height: 22.5 cm.

Metal Non Slip Coat Hanger Model MPCVC304
This coat hanger features durable steel chrome construction with soft coated PVC surface, wide ends for support heavy coats, jackets & other winter outfits; the hanger is ideal for offices and home.
Length: 45.0 cm. Height: 20.5 cm.

Metal Non Slip Coat Hanger Model MPVCC306
This sturdy coat hanger might brings you a new way for keep the shape of coats, jackets and nightwear conveniently; its wide shoulders will preserve heavy garments in good conditions.
Length: 41.0 cm. Height: 19.5 cm.

Metal Non Slip Coordinate Hanger Model MPVCCO300
This combination hanger features polished chrome finishing, soft plastic coating, adjustable set of rubberized metal clips, shoulders with rounded ends and supportive hook.
Length: 45.0 cm. Height: 24.0 cm.

Metal Non Slip Coordinate Hanger Model MPVCCO301
This coordinate hanger comes with sturdy polished steel chrome construction, PVC coating, adjustable rubberized metal clips and strong hook.
Length: 42.0 cm. Height: 23.0 cm.

Metal Non Slip Coordinate Hanger Model MPVCCO302
This coordinate hanger is ideal for hang two or three pieces suits; due its shoulders with wide ends and adjustable set of rubberized metal clips and sturdy hook.
Length: 44.0 cm. Height: 35.0 cm.

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