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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Special metal hangers

Our Special Hangers Collection includes hangers intended for belts, scarfs and ties; as you knew these garment accessories can not fit on regular hangers and we’d developed a special series for fulfill your merchandising and storage needs.

Please browse our selection of Special Hangers below. Click on any link to see the full product details or to order.

Metal Satin Chrome One Clip Hanger
Model MCLIP100

This Clip Hanger might be used for hang belts, gloves, hats, scarves, slippers, shoes, ties, etc. The hanger features shiny chrome finishing and non-slip black coating.
Length: 4.5 cm. Height: 10.8 cm.

Metal Satin Chrome One Clip Hanger
Model MCLIP101

This smart Clip Hanger has as main features; chrome polished finishing and non-stain metal clip; it can be used not just in home but also can be a useful accessory at your desktop.
Length: 4.2 cm. Height: 10.5 cm.

Metal Satin Chrome Double Clip Hanger
Model MCLIP102

This Clip Hanger is a versatile accessory that might be used on closets, kitchen and even at offices; it allows you hang gloves and other outfits, tea-towels, memos, notes, etc.
Length: 9.0 cm. Height: 11.5 cm.

Metal Belt & Scarf Hanger
Model MTBH100

This Belt & Scarf Hanger comes with heavy duty metal construction coated with durable hight quality PVC and chrome plated open-ended loop; it is ideal storage your belts and winter outfits.
Length: 13.0 cm. Height: 19.5 cm.

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